Jens Koy-Gietmann

Jens Koy, freelance consultant and evaluator

I offer:

  • Evaluations and studies,
  • Consulting and training for project planning and (impact-oriented) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E),
  • Assistance in the planning, (Europe-wide) awarding and carrying out of evaluations and monitoring,
  • Organizational development for organizations who want to reflect upon and change their work.

I am a down-to-earth lateral thinker who can quickly get involved in facts. Interested?

Core Areas

My focus and special knowledge:


Profound knowledge of the evaluation business as contractor and client; implementation of a methodologically appropriate, clear and practical concept.


Planning workshops, monitoring, evaluations and conferences.

Organisational development

Process consulting, departmental development and introduction of concepts, especially for impact monitoring, monitoring (M & E), gender and evaluation.

Support in (Europe-wide) procurement procedures for evaluations and monitoring:

Preparation of specifications and further tender documents as well as technical support of the investigations.

Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid

Long-standing expertise in these areas with governmental and non-governmental organisations.


I offer all consultations and evaluations in German, English and French. I have basic knowledge of Spanish.

Sectors and areas

Many years of experience in the health sector as well as in the areas of policy advice, lobbying and advocacy, peace and human rights work, promotion of civil society, capacity building, adult education and integrated rural development projects, evaluation of the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) and humanitarian aid (Anticipatory Action).


Expertise in gender mainstreaming and the promotion of gender equality in development cooperation projects.

Regional focus areas:

Germany, Southeastern Europe (Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia), Eastern Central Europe (Poland and the Czech Republic), and Russia.

Africa and Middle East:
MENA region (Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco), West Africa (Senegal, Nigeria, Niger and Ghana), East Africa (Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda) and Southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi).

Mongolia, South Asia (Nepal, India and Bangladesh).

About me

I am sociologist and political scientist who was born in 1967; I live in Bonn, Germany.

As a Senior Evaluator, I have been active in the field of evaluation for more than 14 years. I have been working as an independent evaluator and consultant since 2012; prior to that, I worked for eight years as a desk officer at the Protestant Development Service (EED, now Bread for the World) in the working areas of evaluation, gender and planning monitoring evaluation (PME). From 1999 to 2002, I directed Federal Agency for Technical Relief projects in Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Albania. The main focal point was housing and shelter. From 2013 to 2017, I was one of the representatives of the Working Group on Development Policy of the German-Austrian Society for Evaluation (DeGEval). I am a volunteer in the Beuel (Bonn) Peace Group and since 2010 I have been member of the Executive Board of a NGO that works to promote renewable energies and to close nuclear power plants (AntiAtomBonn e.V).

My principals:

Government clients:

Non-governmental organisations:

Political foundations:


You can find an overview of my evaluations and trainings here:

Memberships and publications


I have been a member of the Gesellschaft für Evaluation since 2013. From 2013 to 2017, I was a spokesperson for the Working Group on Development Policy (and Humanitarian Aid). In this context, I coordinated the WG Efficiency from 2013 – 2016 and was in the editorial team of the handout “Effizienzbewertung in Evaluationen” (Here, the handout could be linked again with a picture of the cover page). Since 2020, I have been active in the WG Remote Evaluation and was in the editorial team for the German and English version of the handout “Remote Evaluation”.


ReflACTION on International Response to Crises Network

ReflACTION is an independent and open platform of experienced professionals and free thinkers from diverse backgrounds who have a deep interest in the new future of international crisis response. ReflACTION is a network that reflects on the current mechanisms of crisis response. In doing so, the network works on possible responses for transformative change and the promotion of new ways of acting, with a focus on initiatives led by people on the ground.


Evaluation of development-related domestic work

The aim of the network is to contribute to the professionalisation of evaluators in development-related domestic work through regular dialogue between the actors in the field and thus to improve the quality of evaluations in this field of work. In addition, work is being done on the question of how evaluations can be made fruitful for scientific research in order to achieve a closer dovetailing of theory and practice and to expand empirical knowledge about the still poorly researched field of practice..


Network of Development Policy Experts

The network, which consists of development policy experts, meets 1-2 times a year and exchanges views on current development cooperation issues.


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